For all professional drivers an accident, illness or injury can mean the permanent loss of their driving licence and  no licence means no job.

This is where DriverCare comes in, having been developed by Unite to provide financial cover for drivers whose livelihood is effected by the permanent loss of their professional driving licence as a result of illness or injury for drivers up to age 62 and through the Supplementary Loss of Licence Scheme for up to 68. Full details are  here.

Don't think it will happen. Think again!  DriverCare has paid out over £50M  in benefits to Unite DriverCare members since the launch of the scheme. Don't miss out on this vital financial support, available for a small weekly contribution taken with your subs.

If you are a professional driver, you can benefit from the scheme. If you are not a Unite member, join now by visiting and follow the links to join Unite and DriverCare online. For existing Unite members wishing to join DriverCare,  click here to join  now or contact DriverCare on 01708 339046.

To download the DriverCare Booklet Explained please  click here